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All our second-hand bikes have been serviced and road-tested; quality new parts have been fitted where required, and all carry a one-month full mechanical guarantee.


All our adult bikes come equipped with lights and a bell.


We can also offer locks (various styles from £18) , propstands (£7), wire baskets (front £22, or rear £17) and helmets (from £24), plus mudguards, racks and many other accesories; these will be at discounted prices when you buy one of our bikes.


Bikes marked ** are not on show in the shop; if you'd like to try one out, please give us a little notice so that we can fetch it for you. 

Stock of refurbished bikes is low at the moment, due to high demand. Please bear with us until we can prepare more. 


We are excited to announce that we now have a range of MONTERIA and ROMET trekking and urban bikes. 
These can be reserved via email; we ask for a 20% deposit to ensure you secure one of these good quality bikes. 

17" ROMET RAMBLER 6.2, in blue. 3x7 gears. Decent entry level mountain bike. £415


The ROMET SYMFONIA 2 is a stylish step-through town bike, with 3-speed internal hub Nexus gearing and front suspension. Available in heather (in photo) or black and salmon;  17" and 19" frames. £355 

Full spec here

The MONTERIA FLORENTINA is the ideal bike for commuting. It has Shimano Nexus 3-speed gearing, rear rack and dynamo lighting. These are being widely admired on display! Available in 17" and 19" frames, for £370. Also available: 17" in white with fuchsia mudguards, or in bright pale green.

The ROMET TURING 7S has 7-speed Nexus internal gearing for even more comfortable town use; in pale blue, frame size 18". £380

Full spec here.

The ROMET ORION 7S is a very civilised commuter, again with Nexus 7-speed gears and dynamo lighting. 20" frame, in champagne. £380

Full spec here

The MONTERIA MILANO NEXUS is perfect for comfortable town use. It has Shimano Nexus 3-speed gearing and rear rack Available in 15" and 17" frames, for £295.


The MONTERIA MILANO has the same spec as the Nexus version above, but with 7-speed Shimano Tourney gears; rear rack. Available in 17" frame, for £285. Also available with 17" frame in pale green or 15" in red

The ROMET VINTAGE D, in 'heather' with large 20" frame is a decent, straight-forward, simple step-through option, with dynamo hub lighting. £295

Full spec here

The ROMET VINTAGE M, in graphite grey or brown with medium 18"" frame is a decent, straightforward, simple option for town and country, with dynamo hub lighting. £295

Full spec here


Hybrid / Town

** Nearly new, large (20" frame) DAWES EXPLORER 201. 8-speed, splashguards fitted. Great commuter. £270

** As new, large (21" frame) DAWES SAHARA 2020 model. Great straightforward bike for town or trail. 
Mudguards and rack. £200

** Large, 3-speed, KALKHOFF CLUB. Sold refurbished by us in Feb 2021 and now available again with a new saddle! Sold as seen, £95.

RESERVED - CAROL Large (19" frame) FALCON STORM, with 3x6 gears and gripshift. New cables, chain, front brake blocks and rear wheel. Splashguards, rear rack and propstand. £130

RESERVED - MARTA Large (20" frame) PROBIKE ENTERPRISE, with 3x6 gears and gripshift. New cables, chain, rear brake blocks, pedals and front tyre. Mudguards, rear rack and propstand. £130

** Large (19" frame) CHALLENGE CRUSADE. Good, clean simple bike with 7 gears and gripshift. New chain, tyres & cables. Mudguards, propstand and rear rack. £130

Mountain / All-terrain bikes

GIANT ROCK with a small (14") frame. 3x7 gears; new chain and cables. Splashguards fitted. £125

Large (19" frame) RALEIGH MAX HT3S. 3x8 gears. New rear wheel, cables and tubes. Unusual geometry but good condition. £115

Eye-catching in brushed aluminium, an XL (21" frame) SAXON KARAKORAM. 3x7 gears; new tyres, chain, cables & brake blocks. Splashguards. £170

** Small /medium (16" frame) SCOTT 60. New chain, cables and brake blocks. 3x7 gears. Quality bike with its fair share of paint chips. Full mudguards. £140

** Large (19" frame) HARLEM DISCOVERY: 3x6 gears with thumb shift. New chain, brake blocks and bottom bracket. Splashguards. Very clean. £135

** Very clean and barely used medium (18" frame) STRATHMORE (presumably a promotional vehicle for spring water!). 3x6 gears and gripshift. £95

** Medium-sized (16" frame) EMMELLE CHEETAH with 3x6 gears and gripshifters. New chain, cables, tyres, brake blocks. Splashguards. £110

** PROBIKE STORMCLOUD in medium size (17" frame). 3x6 gears with gripshift. New chain, cables, rear derailleur and grips. £95

** RALEIGH BLUE RIDGE, in large (21" frame). 2x5 gears with gripshift. New chain, cables, grips, pedals. Splashguards fitted. £130

Step-through town bikes

** Medium / large (19" frame) CLAUD BUTLER CAMBRIDGE. 6-speed. New chain, brake cable and brake blocks. Has chips on the frame, but polished up not bad! £120

** Nice and simple, med / large (18" frame) PROFESSIONAL PREMIUM; 6 gears. New chain and gear cable. Splashguards, helmet & lock included for £100.

DAWES DISCOVERY with a med /large (19") frame. 3x8 gears. New chain, cables, bottom bracket and grips. Splashguards fitted. Cleaned up nicely. £145.

Road Bikes

Small (46cm) DAWES GIRO, with 3x9 gears and Shimano 105 group set; new chain, cables, brake blocks, bottom bracket, headset bearings, pedals and bar tape! Runs like a dream. £195



Classic Racers / Tourers

In lovely pale yellow, a med / large (20") classic RALEIGH RACER 50 5 speed. New cables, chain, freewheel, bar tape and brake blocks. £140

** RALEIGH MEDALE, 5-speed with shifter on stem. 20" / 21" frame; one with rear rack, one without. 2 of these; £120 each. 

Children's Bikes



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